Languedoc – the real south of France!


The Languedoc has traditionally gone unnoticed in the world of wine, but recently this has begun to change.  In an attempt to compete both internationally and within France, local winemakers have become increasingly innovative to ensure commercial success.

We’ve scoured the region, tasting wine, meeting with winegrowers and talking to the locals. An awful job, obviously.  We’ve come up with what we believe is a fantastic introduction to the region. We’ll continue in our search, listen to your feedback, and selectively add to our range over the coming months.



The Domaines


Unlike most people who sell wine online, we actually know our winemakers.  We visit, have a drink, share a meal. We know the domaines, the terroir, we know about the harvests, good and not so good years, and we know their history.  This means that we’re well placed to choose only the best wine at the best price.


Click the wine bottles on the map below to explore our domaines